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my desktop :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 6 Keira and Kyle :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 6 Kalon :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 4 Me with straight hair :O :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 1 6 My Textile exam piece - Front- :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 4 My Textile exam piece - back - :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 6 Scarlet-J ID :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 11 Broken Angel :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 5 Everybodys Fool :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 5 7
According to Plan
Her eyes opened. It was a white room, but she did not know who she was or why she was there.
Confusion grew as she heard the sound of rippling water. She turned around and stared at the large tank on the other side of the room. Standing up she made her way to the tank, and stared into the viscous liquid noticing the shape floating within.
She could not observe any features on the human silhouette as it was masked by a thick translucent skin.  Something moved beneath the membrane and she was startled. Stepping quickly backwards, she noticed the reflective shimmer of a mirror beyond the tank. Approaching it, she stared, stunned at the face looking back. She did not recognise it.
Lifting her hand, she gently caressed the unrecognised cheek, nose and forehead, but this only confused her more. "Who am I?" she thought.
Suddenly, a splash sounded from the tank, and she turned worryingly to face the possible threat, but after a few moments the contents settled and she returned her ga
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 1 8
my 1st id :iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 2
How can this be right?
You, you are all i wanted,
But i don't want to think like this any more.
You confuse me,
you can be so gentle and kind,
But is that you?
....Who are you?
Why do i do this?
i can't let you go, but i know i must!
You tell me not to wait for you,
But i guess i couldn't stop.
...... That is it, it's over.
I wont be used like this any more.
I feel like your little WHORE!
and that is not me.
I know that it was my choice,
my idea...
I guess your right,
I'm just "A little kid"
but i've been forced to grow up far too fast!
I wear my heart on my sleeve, because i refuse to end up like you!
I won't let go of who i am,
no matter how much this hurts,
I am me!
I shouldn't have to hide that.
It's what makes us different,
who i am keeps me going in the darkest hours!
I don't want to be lead on the path to forgetting who i am!
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 3
But why?
When did i turn from the light?
Why did i refuse to fight?
When did i turn from his touch?
When did i just stop to love?
Why do i push those close to me away?
When did my life become so dark and so grey?
Why do i wish to be so alone?
Why does it hurt right through to the bone?
Why am i doing this to myself?
Can't i see what it's doing to me?
Thinking can kill, and it hurts through and through!
No longer can i stick my chin up, or cry!
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 0
Do I?
Confusion engulfs,
My mind but a blur,
A gulible fool,
or a misled girl,
Who to believe,
I do not know,
Do i forgive and forget what he did,
Or do i move on and just try to live,
Friends surround me,
With differing opinions,
I guess there is only one thing to do
And thats listen and accept what he has to say
And try to learn from my past mistakes.
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 0
Always expect the unexpected 3
I am moving,
but making no effort
The sea has me in her deadly grip,
yet I do not sink
The salt water empowers my senses,
to undiscovered levels of torture
As I now glimpse the sea lion which has me in its grip
I am beyond panic,
beyond pain,
beyond death
The watery beast begins to feed on my limp body
Gnawing excitedly on my face,
yet I am numb
And can feel no emotion
as I succumb to oblivion
   My eyes begin to close
and as I fade for the final time
I glimpse a blue watery figure approach…
thank God… It's Aqua-man.
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 0
Always expect the unexpected 2
The numbing coldness of the water revives me
There is darkness here
Pain floods my senses
and I am overcome
My consciousness fades
like the dying moments of a winter sunset
Brightness fills the world
and I awake
My shattered bones dashed against the watery rocks
and leaves me trembling
as decaying skin hangs from my barely living flesh
An inconceivable agony overwhelms
as I look up at the castle wall
and chains which held me
Oh… Superman has gone and dropped me.
:iconscarlet-j:scarlet-j 0 2

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The Jade
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well, it's official, i've failed the 50 Book Challenge

only had 6 more to go!!!!

oh well, probably was a really bad year to try to do it.... i'll try again some other time

well, college is good, though i'm just about one of the few people who loves acting still =/

oh, got a C in my dancing a level, and done my first as exam in law

well, anyways, cant think of anything else to say, but this needed an update ^^;


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